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A series of production process flow for cold rolled oriented silicon steel
Jun 27, 2018

The production of cold-rolled oriented silicon steel has a complete set of technological processes. The first step is normalization or annealing of raw materials. When producing high-grade cold-rolled oriented silicon steel, it is necessary to perform normalized annealing heat treatment on the acidizing unit before cold rolling, and normalization treatment is also required.


After annealing, the grain size of the silicon steel is uniform, the recrystallized structure is perfect, the magnetic induction is improved, and the iron loss is reduced. The annealing temperature of the cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel is 800-950°C. On the pickling line, the cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel strip that does not require annealing passes through the bypass channel outside the furnace without passing through the normalizing furnace.


The second step is an annealing process, which is what we call intermediate annealing. After the first rolling, intermediate annealing must be performed before the second rolling. The annealing is performed at 800-950°C in a continuous furnace filled with a protective atmosphere of N2 + H2. The purpose is to decarburize the steel strip, relieve the stress and initiate primary recrystallization.


The third step is finished annealing, coating insulating layer, cold rolling to finished thickness, heat treatment in a continuous furnace filled with N2 + H2 protective atmosphere. When the temperature rise of the steel strip reaches 800-950°C, it is kept warm, and then it is slowly cooled and quickly cooled to 150°C. The main function is decarburization, annealing and recrystallization, to obtain high magnetic induction, low iron loss, and low magnetic ageing oriented silicon steel products.

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