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A special requirement for silicon steel sheet to be cut when shearing
Oct 09, 2018

The performance of silicon steel sheet is not only directly related to the loss of electric energy, but also related to the performance, volume, weight and various materials of motors and transformers. Therefore, the silicon steel sheet shearing process should also meet some special requirements.


For example, burrs on silicon steel sheets used in generators, motors, and transformers have an effect on their electromagnetic characteristics, motor output power, and generator life. When laps are caused by burrs, eddy current losses are caused by lap joint shorts, and laminates are reduced. Fill factor, so it should be guaranteed that the product after shearing is basically free of burrs.


After the silicon steel sheet is cut and stamped, internal stress will be generated, which will deform the crystal grain, resulting in a decrease in magnetic permeability and an increase in iron loss. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the elimination of internal stress and ensure the original performance. Silicon steel sheets are not allowed to have insulation damage in the shearing range and on the surface of the strip, and the edges of the sheets should be free from crushing.


The sheared silicon steel sheet should have no obvious wave, otherwise the silicon steel sheet will undergo severe plastic deformation, the magnetic domain structure will be destroyed, and the loss will increase significantly. Silicon steel sheet blanking work is usually carried out using a stamping die on a mechanical press. The silicon steel sheet cold stamping die is mainly composed of a convex and concave mold, which is mounted on a punching machine and punches the silicon steel sheet into a motor or a transformer stator and a rotor core piece.

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