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Advantages and maintenance of auto motor core?
Sep 28, 2018

The motor core of the auto is similar in function to the ordinary iron core. It converts electric energy into magnetic energy to generate a magnetic field to realize the conversion between electric energy and magnetic energy. Ordinary iron cores can be used in AC/DC motors, geared motors, outer rotor motors and synchronous asynchronous motors, while automotive motor cores are used in motors used in automobiles.


Advantages and maintenance of auto motor core

The advantages of automotive motor cores are the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption and low labor intensity. For this kind of iron core, it is also necessary to carry out proper and correct maintenance, so as to ensure and extend the service life of the product. What you need to do to maintain your work:


(1) If the car motor core is to be scrubbed, it is advisable to apply a soft cloth after the towel, and it should not be scrubbed with hard materials to avoid damage to the core.


(2) Maintenance and maintenance work should be carried out on the motor, and it should be cleaned and inspected regularly to avoid dirt on the iron core and to ensure the normal use of the iron core.


(3) If the fault occurs in the iron core of the automobile motor, it should be dealt with in a timely manner and cannot be delayed, so as not to affect the normal operation of the motor.

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