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Analysis of manufacturing process problems of water pump motor iron core
Dec 05, 2018

The iron core is an important part of the water pump motor, and the manufacturing process of the water pump motor iron core has a great effect and influence on the overall operating state of the motor. The core manufacturing process consists of two parts: punching and core press. The punching of the punching film belongs to the stamping process.

In the production process of the water pump motor iron core, considering the high magnetic permeability of the soft magnetic material, the small hysteresis loss and the ease of manufacture, the core is generally made of a soft magnetic material. Soft magnetic materials are available in common carbon structural steels, silicon steel sheets, electrical pure irons, and magnetically permeable alloys. In addition to the common magnetic structural steel plates of DC motors and synchronous motors, the most commonly used materials for motor core punching are silicon steel sheets. Some motors also use electrician pure iron or magnetic alloy (such as iron-nickel alloys and iron pots)

In comparison, the thinner the silicon steel sheet, the smaller the loss of the water pump motor iron core, but at the same time the mechanical strength of the punch is reduced, and the manufacturing time of the core is increased. After stacking, the proportion of the thickness of the insulation of the chip increases, so that the lamination coefficient of the core is lowered, resulting in a decrease in the effective length and cross-sectional area of the core. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use an excessively thin electrical steel strip (sheet) in the moderate electrical mechanism, and the thickness is usually 0.5 mm and 0.35 mm.

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