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Application and performance characteristics of three phase EI core lamination
Jan 08, 2019

For a long time, a large number of three-phase EI core laminations will be applied to radar pulse transformers or high-frequency medical X-ray power supplies and linear accelerator modulation power supplies. Furthermore, the three-phase EI core lamination will be used in environmental dust removal and water. Processing power supplies, to a large extent, will be used in different types of medium and high frequency power supplies and high frequency pulse transformers.

The three-phase EI core lamination performance is characterized by a relatively high magnetic induction strength, a relatively large output power of the iron core, and a small volume. The high-frequency loss of the three-phase EI core laminate is very low, the operating power of the core under high frequency is relatively small, and the temperature rise is also very low.

The three-phase EI core lamination has better process performance, and it can keep the slag from being flat on the slit, and the no-load current is relatively small; thus the three-phase EI core lamination has better high-pressure stability. Performance; stable magnetic properties, no aging phenomenon; high lamination factor and small volume. And in terms of its shape and specification, it will be produced according to the SJ1761-81 standard. At the same time, it will be customized according to customer requirements for non-standard products.

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