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Application of single-phase EI core in transformer
Sep 17, 2018

The single-phase EI core can be used on a transformer device. This transformer is called an EI transformer, and its EI plate is composed of an "E" type piece and an "I" type piece. Specific types of such transformers are power frequency or low frequency transformers, power transformers, and audio transformers used in audio.


The size of the EI transformer is exactly the length of the silicon steel sheet. Common sizes include EI-19, EI-28, EI-35, EI-41, EI-48, EI-57, EI-66, EI-76.2, EI-86, EI-96, and EI-114. In addition to the length of the silicon steel sheet, the total stack thickness of the silicon steel sheet can be expressed, such as EI-48*20, indicating that the total stack thickness of the EI sheet is 20 mm.


Single-phase EI cores are also called single-phase silicon steel core sheets. One of the specific uses of EI-150 single-phase silicon steel sheets in single-phase EI sheets is used in single-phase transformers and is an important component that affects the quality and performance of the transformer. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the EI sheet. Quality can guarantee the quality of the transformer and have a good effect.

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