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Basic requirements and material requirements for wind power generator motor core
Mar 27, 2018

The wind power generator motor core is an important part of the wind turbine flux circuit and the stator coil. Wind generators are usually formed by stamping sheets and various fasteners.


The function of the core of the wind generator is mainly used to generate a magnetic field, which exerts a force on the energized conductor in which it is located.


Wind power generator motor core should meet the basic requirements:


First, the wind turbine core should have good magnetic permeability and low loss.


Secondly, the stiffness of the core of the wind turbine generator is better and the vibration is good.


Third, the structural arrangement of the wind power generator motor core should have a good ventilation effect.


Fourth, the inner diameter and groove size of the core of the laminated wind power generator motor core should meet the design accuracy requirements.


In addition to these requirements, wind power generator motor cores should meet some other requirements in view of the use characteristics. For example, a large hydro-generator needs to ensure the gap between the split cores. Otherwise, the core will vibrate when the motor is running.


Wind power generator motor core production description: The thickness of the stator core punching sheet is usually 0.5 mm or 0.35 mm hot-rolled, cold-rolled silicon steel sheet or yttrium-nickel soft magnetic alloy sheet punched. The full-circle punched sheet with an outer diameter of less than 1m and the fan-shaped sheet with a diameter of more than 0.99m. The vent slot is made up of channel steel and slot pieces, and one or two channel bars are spot welded on each tooth on the slot piece. The fastening of the iron core usually adopts external press-fitting for the full-circular punching and internal press-fitting for the fan-shaped punching.


Wind power generator motor core material requirements:


Under normal circumstances, the wind power generator motor core is made of silicon steel sheet. Silicon steel is a silicon-based steel with a silicon content of 0.8 to 4.8%. The wind turbine core made of silicon steel transformers is because silicon steel itself is a kind of magnetic material with strong magnetic permeability. In the energized coil, it can produce large magnetic induction, which can make the

transformer smaller in size.

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