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Basic requirements for performance of 3-phase EI silicon steel sheet
Jul 18, 2018

In order to achieve the expected use effect, corresponding requirements are also put forward for the performance of the 3-phase EI silicon steel sheet. The first is to require low iron loss, which is one of the important indicators of the quality of silicon steel sheets. Countries are divided according to the iron loss value, the lower the iron loss, the higher the grade.


Secondly, it is required that the 3-phase EI silicon steel sheet has high magnetic induction intensity under a strong magnetic field, which reduces the volume and weight of the core of the motor and the transformer, and saves silicon steel sheets, copper wires and insulating materials. At the same time, the 3-phase EI silicon steel sheet should have a smooth surface, a flat surface and a uniform thickness, which can improve the filling factor of the iron core. In addition, the 3-phase EI silicon steel sheet should have good punching properties, good adhesion of the surface insulating film and good weldability, and can prevent corrosion and improve punching properties.


The 3-phase EI silicon steel sheet generally increases with the silicon content, and the iron loss, chipping property and magnetic induction are lowered, and the hardness is increased. The higher the operating frequency, the larger the eddy current loss. In this case, the thinner the 3-phase EI silicon steel sheet should be used to ensure the desired effect.

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