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Basic understanding of EI core
Apr 25, 2018

EI core is one of the cores, because the appearance is like the combination of letters E and I, so there is a specific name. We should also have a certain understanding and understanding of cores, so that we can fully understand the EI core.


Core, which can also be called microcircuit, microchip or integrated circuit, is mainly used for electronic devices because of its small size and silicon wafer. Moreover, in broad sense, as long as the wafers made by microfabrication can be called cores, there is no need to have circuits in them. In communication and information technology, if its scope is limited to silicon integrated circuits, then the intersection point of the chip and the integrated circuit is the circuit on the silicon core.

Core, its production process, is for core design, lens production, packaging and testing of the four, are necessary and basic production process, so it is indispensable. In these four processes, the wafer fabrication process is rather complicated.


EI silicon steel core of EI core

The EI silicon steel core in the EI core can simply think that this chip material is made of silicon steel material, so it is called EI silicon steel core. Silicon steel chip, which can be called silicon steel for short, is silicon lamination, and it is a kind of silicon iron soft magnetic alloy with very low carbon content, with a silicon content of 0.5% - 4.5%. The purpose of adding silicon is to increase material resistivity and reduce wastage.


The EI silicon steel core is applied to the core of various transformers, motors and generators. Its production process is generally two kinds of hot rolling and cold rolling. If it is hot rolling, then its product is called hot rolled silicon steel. Cold rolling technology is called cold rolled silicon steel. In addition, in the cold rolling process, it can be divided into two kinds of single frame rolling and multi frame rolling, of which single frame rolling, mainly used to produce oriented silicon steel products, including the EI core.

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