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Common form and composition of silicon steel transformer core
Sep 19, 2018

The silicon steel transformer core is an important component in the transformer, which is related to whether the transformer can be used normally and has good performance and use effect.


1. Why do you use silicon steel sheets to make iron cores on commonly used transformers?

Silicon steel, the specific name is silicon alloy steel, which is from 0.8% to 4.8% or from 1% to 4.5%, and the carbon content is less than 0.08%. It is used as the core material because it is a magnetic material with a strong magnetic permeability, and can generate a large magnetic induction intensity in the energized coil and make the volume of the transformer small. In addition, in order to improve the magnetic induction performance and reduce the hysteresis loss, it is required that the impurity content is as low as possible, and the spherical plate shape is flat and the surface quality is good.


2. Why not use a whole piece of silicon steel as the transformer core?

The reason why the whole piece of silicon steel is not used as the transformer core, and it is processed into a sheet shape is that the sheet core can reduce the "eddy current loss" in the iron loss, when the core is laminated with silicon steel sheets insulated from each other, The eddy current can be increased in the narrow loop by a small cross section to increase the resistance on the eddy current path, and at the same time, the silicon in the silicon steel can increase the resistivity to reduce the eddy current.


In addition, the silicon steel transformer core is generally made of a 0.35 mm thick cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, which is cut into a long sheet according to the required core size, and then overlapped into a "day" shape or a "mouth" shape. Theoretically speaking, the thinner the silicon steel sheet is, the smaller the eddy current is, and the narrower the strip is, the better. However, in actual work, it will increase the working hours and reduce the effective cross-sectional area of the iron core. Therefore, we should weigh the pros and cons from the actual situation to determine the balance between them in order to determine the appropriate size of the silicon steel sheet.


3. Silicon steel transformer core composition

The common form of silicon steel transformer iron core, from the use of domestic transformer iron core, is a form of stacked core type, which is made up of iron cores.


The structure of the silicon steel transformer core is mainly composed of three parts: a core body, a fastener and an insulator.

Core body and magnetic conductor: made of silicon steel sheet.

Fasteners: including clamps, screws, glass ties, steel ties and spacers.

Insulation: including clamp insulation, insulation tube and insulation pad.

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