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Control and process of silicon steel transformer core production process
Aug 14, 2018

Many high-end products are from strict process control, and the silicon steel transformer core is the same. The manufacturer is very strict with each process, so that all technical indicators can be higher than international indicators and other companies. .


First of all, in the silicon steel transformer core selection, it is very targeted. For different customer requirements, we will choose the corresponding materials, and each material will have the certificate and test report provided by the merchant, in addition to the IQC review. data.


Then the material is slit, using the selected striping equipment and the hard straight alloy knife; at the same time, the high-precision biaxially driven automatic iron core winding device, although the material is different, our coefficient also changes. But the control is also very good. Generally, a new material with a thickness of 0.23--0.25mm has a lamination factor of 0.97 or 0.98; a sheet thickness of 0.1--0.2mm, a new material lamination coefficient; and a new material lamination coefficient of 0.05--0.08. The value is 0.90 or 0.91.


Finally, the silicon steel transformer core should be shaped, and the end face must be leveled. In addition, four steel strips are used for shaping to increase the accuracy of size and shape control. On this basis, 12 nitrogen-filled mesh belts and a high-vacuum annealing furnace are used; after demolding, vacuum pressure immersion paint is used for automatic drying; after grinding and polishing, ultrasonic cleaning is used, and special water-based is added. The anti-rust liquid is used to wash the rust, thereby obtaining a high-quality silicon steel transformer core.

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