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Conventional type of three-phase transformer core
Jul 14, 2018

The iron core is the main magnetic circuit part of the three-phase transformer. It is usually made up of hot-rolled or cold-rolled silicon steel sheets with high silicon content and coated with insulating varnish. The core and the coil wound on it are complete. Electromagnetic induction system. The magnitude of the transmission power of a three-phase transformer depends to a large extent on the material and cross-sectional area of the core.


As one of the three-phase transformer cores, the iron powder core is a ceramic magnet with a spinel crystal structure for high-frequency transformers. The spinel is iron oxide and other divalent metal compounds with high Physical properties of permeability and impedance, which are used in the frequency range from 1 kHz to over 200 kHz.


Silicon steel sheet is also used as a three-phase transformer core for low-frequency transformers. There are many types of silicon steel sheets. According to their different manufacturing processes, they can be divided into two types: calcined and non-calcined. According to their shapes, they can be divided into EI type and UI type. Type C, mouth type. Regardless of the type of three-phase transformer core, the grounding requirements must be strictly observed to ensure safety.


Firstly, a separate grounding lead wire of the iron yoke clip is required. After the setting, no matter where the iron core hits the clip, the two grounding outer leads form a loop, so that the ground current can be correctly detected on the outside. Secondly, the three-phase transformer core grounding piece is placed in the middle of the cross section of the iron yoke; if it is necessary to place the core grounding piece in other positions due to problems such as inconvenient installation on site, the insulating bolt and the grounding piece of the iron yoke should be pulled. Placed diagonally to prevent large currents from being generated.

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