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Correctly judge the quality of transformer steel core
Dec 19, 2018

The quality of the transformer steel core is directly related to the quality of the transformer. There are two ways to judge it. One is the naked eye observation method. Look at the color and texture of the iron core. The high-quality transformer steel core is seamlessly rolled from oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, which are generally gray and have a dense stripe. The non-oriented white is white and the grain gap is large.

A good transformer steel core is seamlessly rolled. Relatively thinner the silicon steel sheet, the better the quality, because the resulting eddy current loss is lower. Whether the surface of the transformer steel core is smooth, flat, uniform in thickness, and there is no burr in the shearing port. It is also important to look at the quality of the insulation layer, which reduces the short-circuit to a certain extent.

There is also an instrument test method. When the no-load test is carried out, according to the design scheme of the transformer, the transformer steel core is wound around a certain number of coils, and the corresponding size of alternating current is passed, and the magnitude of the current is measured to judge the core. The smaller the no-load current of the transformer, the better the quality of the core, and the ampere-turn design is very reasonable. In the load test, feel the change of the temperature during the operation of the transformer. The rapid rise of the temperature indicates that the loss of the transformer steel core is large. Of course, we can also pay attention to whether there is noise in the operation of the transformer.

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