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Defibrillation temperature and punching property of electrical steel sheet are good
Apr 08, 2018

The temperature of the electrical steel sheet in the off-fire process is not too high, mainly because its excessive temperature will directly affect its insulation coating or make the laminations stick to a certain extent, generally taking electrical steel sheets. The temperature is about 800 degrees, and the annealing temperature of the non-oriented silicon steel sheet is about 700 degrees. In the annealing, the protective atmosphere in the furnace is strictly controlled to be a non-oxidizing atmosphere.

Electrical steel sheets will, to a certain extent, be selected to be iron-cored non-carburizing and non-oxidized electrical steel tapes. The surface is an insulating coating, without any obvious deterioration, and it is best to use 2-10% hydrogen-nitrogen mixed gas containing hydrogen. Adding a small amount of hydrogen ensures that the core punch will not oxidize. The dew point in the shielding gas should generally be below 0°C.

Electrical steel sheet has good punching

When the user uses electrical steel plate, the punching and shearing work is very heavy, so the electrical steel plate is required to have a good punching property, which is particularly important for micro and small motors. The good punching property can improve the life of the die and scissors, ensure the precise size of punching and shearing pieces and reduce the burr of punching and shearing pieces.

Electrical steel sheet is smooth, flat and uniform in thickness

It is required that the surface of the electrical steel plate is smooth, even and uniform in thickness, mainly to increase the lamination coefficient of the iron core. The high lamination coefficient makes the effective use of the iron core increase, the air gap decreases, and the excitation current decreases.

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