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Definition and classification of EI lamination for transformer
Nov 17, 2018

EI lamination for transformer is one of the electronic transformers and is mainly defined according to the shape of the iron core. This is because the laminated core of EI for the transformer is superposed by the "E" type piece and the "I" type piece, so it is called an EI transformer. EI transformers are generally power frequency (low frequency) transformers (50HZ or 60HZ), power transformers, and some audio transformers are also EI, such as audio.

EI lamination for transformer can be applied to different types of EI transformer products, according to its installation method can be divided into pin type, lead riding clip type, pin type is straight welded circuit board, lead type is external With lead wires, most of them are iron shells on the outside, and the iron shell has mounting holes, which can be screwed.

It can also be classified according to the core size of EI lamination for transformer , and can not be classified according to the length of silicon steel sheets. The detailed classification should also consider the total stack thickness of silicon steel sheets. Some transformers are marked with EI-48*20. This 20 means that the total stack thickness of silicon steel sheets is 20mm, so this transformer is EI-48, subdivided EI-48*20.

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