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Difference between electrical and domestic silicon steel sheets
Jul 28, 2018

The silicon steel sheet is an electrical silicon steel containing up to 0.8% to 4.8% of silicon, which is rolled by heat and cold, and generally has a thickness of less than 1 mm. Silicon steel sheets can be easily divided into three categories. One is hot-rolled silicon steel sheets for electricians, and is made of a ferrosilicon soft magnetic alloy with low carbon loss and hot rolled into a sheet having a thickness of less than 1 mm. Hot rolled silicon steel sheets for electricians are also called hot rolled silicon steel sheets.


The other is cold-rolled silicon steel sheet for electricians, and electrical silicon steel of 0.8%-4.8% silicon is made of cold rolled. Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet has two kinds of steel strips with no orientation and grain orientation. It has the characteristics of smooth surface, uniform thickness, high stacking coefficient and good punching property, and has higher magnetic induction and iron loss than hot rolled electrical steel. low.


Using a cold belt instead of a hot rolled strip to make a motor or transformer, the weight and volume can be reduced by 0%-25%. If the cold-rolled orientation belt is used, the performance is better, and it can be used to replace the hot-rolled strip or the low-grade cold-rolled strip, which can reduce the electric energy consumption of the transformer by 45%-50%, and the working performance of the transformer is more reliable. Used to manufacture motors and transformers. Generally, a grain-oriented cold-rolled strip is used as a state of a motor or a welding transformer, and the grain-oriented cold-rolled strip is used as a core of a power transformer, a pulse transformer, and a magnetic amplifier.


There is also a hot-rolled silicon steel sheet for household appliances, which has a lower electromagnetic performance requirement, and the lowest iron loss value is 5.40 W/kg, which is used for various electric fans, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, range hoods and other household appliances. Differential motor and so on.

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