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EI core of transformer composition requirements and use of power
Jul 02, 2018

EI core of transformer can be used in transformers with large power during operation. Its insulation performance is good and it is easy to dissipate heat. To a certain extent, its magnetic circuit is short, and it is mainly used for power greater than 500~1000W and high power transformer. A set of silicon steel sheets consisting of two C-type silicon steel sheets is called a CD-type silicon steel sheet, and a power transformer made of a CD-type silicon steel sheet has a window with higher cross-sectional area under the same conditions.

The greater the power of the EI core of transformer, the two sides of the core of the transformer can be installed separately when the coil is running, so the number of turns of the transformer can be distributed on two wire packages, so that the average value of each wire package can be reduced. For a shorter length, the copper loss of the coil is reduced. In addition, if the two coils that require symmetry are wound on two wire bundles respectively, full symmetry can be achieved.

EI core of transformer is mainly composed of four C-type silicon steel plates to form a set of silicon steel plates called ED-type silicon steel plates. In operation, the shape of its products effectively presents its flat-width shape, under the same power conditions. The ED transformer is shorter than the CD transformer and has a larger width. In addition, since the coil is installed in the middle of the silicon steel sheet and has an external magnetic circuit, the magnetic flux leakage is small and the overall disturbance is small. However, all coils are wound on a wire package. The thicker line bag, so the average length of long, copper consumption.

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