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EI silicon steel smelting, rolling and material selection
May 25, 2018

At present, in the production of EI silicon steel sheet, the silicon steel is mainly smelted using an oxygen converter, or smelted using an electric arc furnace, combined with steel vacuum treatment and AOD technology. According to different uses, during the smelting process, the contents of silicon and aluminum can be adjusted to meet different magnetic requirements. In general, the silicon and aluminum content of high-grade silicon steel sheets increase accordingly.


And the content of other elements doped in it will be lower. In comparison, the magnetic properties, surface quality, fill factor and punching performance of EI silicon steel sheets produced by the cold rolling process are superior to those of hot rolled silicon steel sheets and can be produced in rolls. Moreover, the finished product rate is higher, and the surface quality and magnetic properties of the finished product are better.


At present, EI silicon steel sheet is mainly used in transformers. Therefore, in order to ensure its use performance, in the selection of silicon steel sheet material, it is necessary to meet some requirements. This is because the loss of silicon steel in the alternating magnetic field is very low, which is also an important factor in selecting it as a commonly used magnetic material. Silicon steel sheet can be divided into hot-rolling and cold-rolling. Cold-rolled products are often used as transformers due to their excellent magnetic permeability and low loss.


This type of EI silicon steel sheet has the advantages of small size, light weight, and high work efficiency. Usually in the production process, the silicon steel plate is punched into 0.35 to 0.5 mm thick E-type and I-type films, and then inserted into the winding wire package after the heat treatment. This type of iron core is mostly made of hot-rolled silicon steel sheet. For example, high-quality silicon steel sheets with high silicon content are D41, D42, D43, and D301. The cores of the ring and C-type transformers are formed by winding cold-rolled silicon steel strips, in which the C-type transformers are cut and cut after heat treatment.


Combined with the above introduction, it can be seen that the selection and processing of EI silicon steel sheet are very important for its quality. According to different application requirements, the requirements can be met from the aspects of EI silicon steel sheet selection, processing technology and other aspects.

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