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Electric cold-rolled silicon steel sheet
May 16, 2018

With silicon containing 0.8% -4.8% of electrical silicon steel as a material, cold rolled.


The cold-rolled silicon steel sheet has two kinds of steel strips with no orientation and grain orientation. The cold-rolled electrical steel strip has features such as smooth surface, uniform thickness, high lamination coefficient and good punching characteristics, and the hot-rolled electrical steel has high magnetic induction and low iron loss. Using cold strips instead of hot strips to make motors or transformers can be reduced by 0% to 25% in weight and volume. If the cold-rolled orientation belt has better performance, it can replace the hot-rolled strip or low-grade cold-rolled strip, which can reduce the transformer's power consumption by 45%-50%, and the transformer's working performance is more reliable.


Used to make motors and transformers. In general, the grain-oriented non-oriented cold rolled strip is used as a state of an electric motor or a welding transformer, and the grain oriented cold rolled strip is used as a core of a power transformer, a pulse transformer, and a magnetic amplifier.


Steel plate size: thickness is 0.35, 0.50, 0.65mm, width is 800-1000mm, length is ≤2.0m.

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