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Excellent performance and process analysis of One phase EI silicon steel sheet with holes
Mar 07, 2018

we have a wealth of production experience, while the production of One phase EI silicon steel sheet with holes products have to go through rigorous testing and repeated testing before passing to the factory. Therefore, the finished porous single-phase EI sheet product has not only low iron loss, high magnetic induction intensity, high stacking coefficient, but also good punching property and good surface adhesion and weldability to the insulating film.


In the actual process of processing, the need for strict control of each process. One of the porous single-phase EI sheet annealing temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will probably affect the insulation coating or laminate bonding. In addition, in the process of annealing also need to strictly control the protective atmosphere of the furnace, usually used is non-oxidizing atmosphere.

 EI silicon steel core.jpg

In fact, the quality of the material itself is also very strict in the selection of materials. Iron core is usually non-oxide film, non-carburizing and electrical strip (porous single-phase EI sheet) no significant deterioration of the surface insulation coating principle. It is best to use 2 to 10% hydrogen and nitrogen mixed gas, this is because adding a small amount of hydrogen to ensure that the iron core sheet is not oxidized. The dew point in the protective gas is generally controlled below 0 .

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