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Forming process of automatic laminated iron core
Jan 12, 2018

The overlapping riveting points of a certain geometrical shape are flushed on the proper parts of the stator and rotor blades, the upper is a sunken hole, the lower part is raised, and then the same size of the upper piece of the bulge is embedded into the next punch of the concave hole, to achieve the purpose of fastening the connection, in the mold in the process of forming iron core, On the blanking position of the punching piece, the convex part of the overlapping riveting point is correctly overlapped with the concave hole of the overlapping riveting point below. When the above one is subjected to blanking punch pressure, the following one with its shape and concave mold wall friction generated by the reaction to make the two pieces of the stack riveting, so that through the high-speed automatic punching machine continuous punching system, You can get a piece of arrangement next to each other, Burr is the same direction and has a certain stack of neat iron core.

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