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Grounding points and use requirements of motor cores
Apr 18, 2018

In the manufacturing process of a motor core, a motor core with a good quality is usually used to perform punching of a motor core. In the process of operation, the high-precision metal continuous stamping die is used to match the high speed. Speed stamping machine, coupled with excellent professional motor core production personnel, can ensure the best degree of good motor core production rate.

Grounding point of motor core

1. The motor core grounding plate is mainly placed in the middle position of the cross section of the iron yoke. When it is operated, such amount is placed, to a certain extent, regardless of where the iron yoke pull band insulation bolt is and where the fault grounding point is. The maximum induced voltage of the loop is only 1/4 of the helium voltage. At this time, the maximum ground current is only a few amperes or so, which is much smaller than when the core ground plate is placed in other positions.

2. When using the motor core, a separate yoke clip grounding lead wire is required. Because if there is a multi-point grounding fault caused by the core touching the upper clamp, the grounding current flows only inside the core clamp, and no current flows in the core grounding lead wire, which causes the worker to mistakenly believe that the iron core has not failed; After setting, no matter where the iron core hits the clamp, it will form a loop through the two grounding outer leads, so that the grounding current can also be correctly detected on the outside.

3. If it is really necessary to place the iron core grounding plate at other locations due to inconvenient on-site installation, etc., the insulation bolts of the iron yoke pull band should also be placed diagonally to the grounding plate so that large currents can be prevented.

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