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High-performance and high precision of three phase EI core steel sheet
Jul 06, 2018

The temperature of the three phase EI core  steel sheet should not be too high or excessive when it is annealed, mainly because the temperature of the product is too high, it will directly affect its insulating coating or make the lamination bond, generally oriented silicon steel sheet. The temperature is about 800 degrees, the annealing temperature of the non-oriented silicon steel sheet is about 700 degrees, and the protective atmosphere in the furnace is strictly controlled to be an oxidizing atmosphere during annealing.


The three phase EI core  steel sheet can be effectively selected from the principle that the core sheet is not oxidized and the non-carburized and electrical steel strip (silicon steel sheet) is used, and the surface of the insulating coating does not deteriorate significantly during operation. It is preferable to use a hydrogen-nitrogen mixed gas containing 2-10% of hydrogen. Adding a small amount of hydrogen ensures that the core sheet does not oxidize. The dew point in the shielding gas should generally be below 0 °C.


Characteristics of three phase EI core  steel sheet

In the process of operation, among them, low-grade non-oriented silicon steel is welded or riveted by stamping, and can be made into various core materials during operation. Silicon steel products can be widely used in small and medium-sized industrial motors, household appliance compressors, power transformers. , welding machine transformers, current regulators, etc. Baosteel also offers semi-organic and inorganic coatings for different applications.


The three phase EI core  steel sheet has high dimensional accuracy, high surface quality and high stacking coefficient. The surface of the insulating film during operation will have good performance and processing performance, and the low core loss of the whole product. And high magnetic flux density.

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