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Hot rolled silicon steel production process and its development stage
Jun 28, 2018

Silicon steel can be formed by hot rolling and cold rolling. The hot rolled silicon steel is melted in an open hearth furnace or an electric furnace and is repeatedly hot-rolled into a thin sheet and finally is annealed at 800-850°C. This product is mainly used for the manufacture of generators.


Prior to the appearance of hot-rolled silicon steel, iron cores were manufactured from pure industrial iron. However, low-carbon steels have low electrical resistivity, large iron core losses, high carbon and nitrogen contents, and severe magnetic aging. In order to overcome the above problems, through continuous tests, it has been found that the addition of silicon can increase the resistivity of iron, reduce the eddy current loss and hysteresis loss, increase the magnetic permeability, and reduce the magnetic aging phenomenon. This has started with hot-rolled silicon steel.


The hot-rolled silicon steel completely replaces the ordinary low-carbon steel manufacturing motors and transformers in a very short period of time, but with the advancement of technology, the magnetic induction, iron loss, punching and shearing processability, and surface quality of cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel are added. Insulation coating and other quality properties are much better than hot-rolled silicon steel, so gradually began to apply cold-rolled silicon steel.


Since hot-rolled products cannot be produced in coils, hot-rolled silicon steel is no exception, reducing the efficiency of punching. Therefore, in the 1960s, the major industrialized countries all stopped the production of hot-rolled silicon steel and replaced it with cold-rolled silicon steel.

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