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Inspection standard and quality requirements for transformer steel lamination
Dec 17, 2018

The transformer steel lamination shall be flat, the insulating paint film shall not fall off, and the laminated piece shall be tight. The silicon steel sheet on the side shall not be lifted or undulated, and the surface of each part of the transformer steel plate shall be free of grease and impurities, and there shall be no short circuit or overlap between the pieces. The gap is in compliance with the requirements; it should be well insulated from the upper and lower clamps, square iron, pressure plate and foot plate.

There must be obvious uniform clearance between the steel plate and the iron core of the transformer; the insulating pressure plate should be intact, free from damage and crack, and have appropriate tightness; it should not form a closed loop, and should have a little grounding; bolt fastening, on the clamp The positive and negative pressure nails and the lock nut are not loose, and the contact with the insulating gasket is good, there is no discharge burn mark, and the back pressure nail has sufficient distance from the upper clamp.

The transformer steel lamination is fastened with a through-bolt, and its insulation resistance has no obvious change compared with previous tests; only one grounding is allowed. The grounding piece is made of a copper piece with a thickness of 0.5 mm and a width of not less than 30 mm, inserted between the cores of 3 to 4 cores. Large transformers should be inserted at a depth of not less than 80 mm, and the exposed parts should be insulated to prevent short-circuiting of the core. At the same time, it should be fastened and have sufficient mechanical strength. The insulation is good and does not form a loop, and does not contact the iron core; the insulation is good and the grounding is reliable.

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