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Magnetic circuit part and placement position of three-phase EI core
Mar 20, 2018

The three-phase EI core is the most important part of the magnetic circuit in the transformer. During the manufacturing process, it is usually composed of a hot-rolled or cold-rolled silicon steel sheet with a high silicon content and coated with insulating paint. Its three-phase EI core and the coil wound on it constitute a complete electromagnetic induction system.


In use, the power transmission power of the power transformer depends to a certain extent on the material and cross-sectional area of the three-phase EI core. During the design process, a single or even an iron yoke clamp grounding lead wire is used. Because if there is a multi-point grounding fault caused by the core colliding with the upper clamp, the grounding current flows only inside the core clamp. No current flows in the three-phase EI core grounding lead, no matter where the core touches the clamp. Both circuits will be looped by two grounded external leads so that the ground current can be correctly detected on the outside.


The grounding plate of the three-phase EI core is placed in the middle position of the cross-section of the iron yoke. In this process, regardless of the position of the iron yoke pull-out insulating bolt and the location of the fault grounding point, the maximum induced voltage of the product circuit is only With a voltage of 1/4, the maximum ground current at this time is only a few amperes, which is much smaller than when the grounding plate of the core is placed in other positions.


If it is really necessary to place the three-phase EI iron core grounding plate at other locations due to inconvenient on-site installation, etc., the insulation bolts of the iron yoke pull band and the grounding plate should also be placed diagonally to prevent large currents from being generated.

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