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Main points of Transformer core grounding
Jan 12, 2018

(1) Set up a single iron yoke clamp grounding lead line. Because if the iron core encountered on the folder caused by multiple grounding fault, grounding current is only in the core folder internal flow, iron core grounding leads to no current flow through the wire, will lead to staff mistakenly think that the iron core did not occur, set up, regardless of the iron core to touch the folder where the location will be through the two grounding of the wire to form a circuit, In this way, the grounding current can be detected correctly outside.

(2) The iron core grounding piece is placed in the middle position of the Iron Yoke cross section. In this way, no matter where the yoke with insulated bolts and where the fault is located, the maximum induction voltage of the loop is only 1/4 of the turn voltage, at this time the maximum grounding current is only a few amps or so, compared to the iron core grounding pieces placed in other locations is much smaller.

(3) If it is true that the installation of the site is inconvenient, such as the need to place the iron core grounding plate in other locations, but also should be yoke with insulation bolts and grounding pieces diagonally placed, so as to prevent large current generation.

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