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Mechanical power source and electromagnetic induction of motor core
Apr 14, 2018

In the process of operation, the motor core is mainly an electromagnetic device that converts or transmits electric energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction. In the circuit, letters are mainly used to represent the motor core. The main function of the motor core is to generate the driving torque.

The motor core serves as a power source for its electrical equipment or its machinery to a certain degree. The generator is represented by the letter G in the circuit. Its main function is to use its mechanical energy to convert it into electrical energy. The most commonly used is currently , The use of heat, water, etc. to promote the generator rotor to generate electricity.

The iron core plays a decisive role in the entire motor. In the course of use, it is mainly used to increase the magnetic flux of the inductor coil, and the maximum conversion of electromagnetic power has been achieved. The motor core is usually a combination of a stator and a rotor. The stator is usually used as a non-rotating part, and the rotor is usually embedded in the internal position of the stator.

For the finished motor, the role of the motor core in the motor parts is more critical. To improve the overall performance of a motor, it is necessary to improve the performance of the motor core. In general, this property can be solved by improving the material of the core punching, adjusting the magnetic permeability of the material, and controlling the size of the iron loss.

A good motor core needs to be made of precision metal stamping dies, using an automatic riveting process, and then stamped with a high-precision stamping press table. The advantage of doing so is that it can ensure the integrity of the plane of its product to the greatest degree, and ensure the accuracy of its products to the greatest extent.

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