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Method for prolonging the service life of 3 Phase EI Lamination with holes
Oct 16, 2018

used to make the 3 Phase EI Lamination with holes. In order to enhance its service life, the magnesium silicate underlayer can be removed first, so that the appearance of the steel plate becomes more lubricious, and the 180° domain wall is improved. Mobility and uniformity of magnetization.


Or thinning the steel strip, which can further reduce the eddy current loss; in addition, after laser irradiation, mechanical scoring, toothed roll processing or plasma eruption, the surface of the oriented silicon steel has the disadvantage of being perpendicular to the rolling direction, and can be refined. Magnetic domain, the role of reducing the eddy current loss.


The experimental results indicate that the laser spot distance of the 3 Phase EI Lamination with holes should not be too small, or the adjacent laser action areas overlap each other, so that the original coating tensile stress is released a lot, and the effect of reducing the iron loss is reduced. In addition, the 3 Phase EI Lamination with holes after laser processing can no longer be processed at 800 ° C or higher.


Regarding the question of the 3 Phase EI Lamination with holes damage coating, the recoating method is often used in foreign countries. Domestic work indicates that the damage of the external coating of pulsed laser processing depends on the pulse width and its peak power. Adding pulse width and cutting peak power can effectively solve this problem. When the pulse width is increased to 750 μs, the appearance of the laser is not slightly damaged by the slight laser processing marks.


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