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Motor core manufacturing process and cold stamping process advantages
Mar 12, 2018

The manufacturing process of the motor core can be mainly divided into two parts, one is for punching and the other is for core press. Punching of punching sheets belongs to the stamping process category. Taking into account the high permeability of soft magnetic materials, hysteresis loss is small and easy to manufacture, so in the actual production is mainly made of soft magnetic materials. The types of soft magnetic materials include ordinary carbon structural steels, silicon steel sheets, electrical pure iron, and magnetically permeable alloys.


In other words, in the production of motor cores, in addition to some common carbon structural steel plate, the most commonly used material is silicon steel sheet. Certainly electric iron or magnetic alloys are also used in some electric machines, such as iron-nickel alloys, iron pots, etc.


Automobile motor core.JPG

Under normal circumstances, the thinner the silicon steel sheet, the smaller the loss of the motor core made, but at the same time the mechanical strength of the punch sheet is reduced, and the man-hours for manufacturing increase at this time. After stacking, due to the increase in the proportion of the insulation thickness of the punching sheet, the lamination coefficient of the iron core can also be reduced, resulting in a reduction in the effective length and cross-sectional area of iron core. Because of this, it is not advisable to use thin electrical steel strips (sheets) in the manufacture of motors. The commonly used thickness is 0.5mm and 0.35mm.


In the manufacture of motor core punching, the more commonly used manufacturing process is the cold stamping process. This process has many advantages, such as simple operation, because it mainly depends on the punch and mold for the work, the operator only to do a simple feeding work, the operator's technical level requirements are lower.


In addition, the accuracy of this production process is reliable. It should be noted that the dimensional accuracy of the motor core punching is mainly determined by the mold, so the workpiece is dimensionally stable and interchangeable. At the same time, it can also increase the productivity of motor core punching.

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