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Motor Iron Core punching process
Jan 12, 2018

In foreign countries, the general manufacture of motor iron core of advanced manufacturers, are using modern stamping technology to make iron core parts. The modern stamping technology of the motor stator and rotor iron core parts is automatic punching on the high speed punching machine with high-precision, high efficiency, long life, and a multi-position progressive die with a set of each working procedure.

The punching process is to make the strip material from the roll out, the first through the school leveling machine, and then through automatic feeding device for automatic feeding, and then the material into the mold, you can continuously finish punching, forming, finishing, trimming, iron core automatic lamination, with twisted oblique laminated pieces blanking, with rotating laminated blanking and other processes of the system, To the iron core parts of the finished product from the mold, the whole process of stamping is in the high-speed punching machine automatically completed.

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