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No-load characteristics test and iron loss measurement of single phase core transformer
Nov 27, 2018

The single phase core transformer belongs to a kind of nonlinear component. The magnetic induction intensity in the iron core mainly depends on the effective value of the applied voltage. When the secondary side is open circuit or no load, the excitation current of the primary side is proportional to the magnetic field strength. In the transformer, when the secondary side is unloaded, the relationship between the primary voltage and current is called the no-load characteristic of the transformer, which is consistent with the magnetization curve (B-H) curve of the core.

In the no-load experiment, it can generally be carried out according to the following steps: the high-voltage side is open, then the low-voltage side is energized for measurement, and the power factor is low due to no-load, so the power should be measured with a low power factor wattmeter. Since the impedance of the single-phase iron core transformer is large at no load, the voltmeter should be connected to the outside of the ammeter.

In the use of single phase core transformer, there will be a certain iron loss, so how should the iron loss value be measured? When the transformer is in operation, the energy loss generated in the core due to eddy currents and magnetic fields is called iron loss. The rated voltage is applied to the primary side of the transformer, and the secondary side is opened. This is the magnetic flux in the core is the same as the magnetic flux when the load is full. At this time, the current in the primary coil is small, and the loss in the coil can be Ignore, so the power input to the transformer at this time can be considered as iron loss.

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