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Processing method of Single phase EI core
Jul 11, 2018

Single phase EI core can be classified into low silicon and high silicon depending on the amount of silicon. The low silicon wafer contains less than 2.8% silicon, which has a certain mechanical strength and is mainly used for manufacturing motors. The high silicon wafer has a silicon content of 2.8%-4.8%. It has good magnetic properties but is brittle and is mainly used for manufacturing transformer cores. There is no strict limit between the two in actual use.


No matter which single-phase EI silicon steel sheet is used, it should not be too high or too high in annealing. If it is too high, it will affect the insulating coating or bond the laminate. Therefore, the temperature of the generally oriented silicon steel sheet is about 800 degrees, the annealing temperature of the non-oriented silicon steel sheet is about 700 degrees, and the protective atmosphere in the furnace is strictly controlled to be an oxidizing atmosphere during annealing.


When Single phase EI core s are used, the principle is that the iron core sheets are not oxidized, non-carburized and the surface insulating coating of the electrical steel strips is not deteriorated. It is best to use a hydrogen-nitrogen mixed gas containing 2-10% of hydrogen. Adding a small amount of hydrogen ensures that the core sheet is not oxidized, and the dew point in the protective gas should generally be below 0 °C.


The use of Single phase EI core with different silicon contents is also different in processing. If the silicon content is greater than 2%, it must be electromagnetically stirred. For example, if a cold rolling process is used, it must be treated normally followed by pickling; When the silicon content is more than 3%, it must be subjected to secondary cold rolling, and the first cold rolling should be preheated to 100~150 °C.

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