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Processing technology and magnetic induction intensity of single-phase EI silicon steel sheet
Jul 04, 2018

During the operation of the single-phase EI silicon steel sheet, the two outer short sides are just outside the steps of the I-type silicon steel sheet, and the gap is relatively easy to control during the operation, and the assembly process of the whole product is simple and efficient. At the same time, by improving the material of the silicon steel sheet, the iron loss value of the silicon steel sheet is reduced, and the magnetic induction intensity can be remarkably improved.

The invention solves the problem that the prior art reduces the iron loss and improves the magnetic induction, and significantly improves the magnetic performance of the single-phase EI silicon steel sheet. Due to the low loss and high magnetic induction of the silicon steel sheet, the consumption can be reduced, and a large amount of power is saved. Has a good edge.


Single-phase EI silicon steel sheets can be divided into low silicon and high silicon according to their different silicon content during operation. Under normal circumstances, their low silicon wafers contain less than 2.8% silicon, which will have certain mechanical strength during operation. It is mainly used to manufacture electric motors. Its high silicon wafer has a silicon content of 2.8%-4.8%. It has good magnetic properties but is brittle. It is mainly used to manufacture transformer cores, commonly known as transformer silicon steel sheets. There is no strict limit between the two in actual use, and high-silicon wafers are often used to manufacture large motors.

Single-phase EI silicon steel sheets can be effectively divided into hot rolling and cold rolling according to their production and processing techniques. Cold rolling can also be divided into two types: grain orientation and grain orientation. The cold rolled sheet has uniform thickness, good surface quality and high magnetic properties. Therefore, with the development of the industry, the hot rolled sheet has a tendency to be replaced by cold rolled sheets.

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