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Reason of large loss of motor core
Jan 12, 2018

1. The quality of silicon steel is poor.

2, the stator iron chip insulation is not good, and cause the insulation between the pieces of the reasons for the following:

(1) The silicon steel sheet has not been insulated or not treated well;

(2) The pressure of the iron core is too large, so that the insulation damage between the pieces;

(3) The iron chip and the chip short-circuit when the car stator is loaded or the file groove is used;

3, the iron chip number is insufficient, the weight is few.

4, the pressure is small when laminated, the film and film is not compacted between.

5, silicon steel sheet coating over thick magnetic passing through the saturation, at this time no-load current and voltage relationship curve bending more serious.

6, the use of fire or ohmic heating methods to dismantle the winding, resulting in overheating of the core, so that the performance of the magnetic conductivity drop and insulation damage between the pieces.

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