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Silicon steel laminations for high-efficiency motors should be carefully selected
Mar 31, 2018

The electric motor is not unfamiliar to us, but in actual application, the loss distribution of the electric motor varies with the magnitude of the power and the number of poles, and measures should be taken separately for the relevant losses at different power and number of poles. The choice of magnetically conductive material is very critical, that is, the selection of silicon steel sheet is the key to the design and manufacture of high efficiency motors and should be carefully selected.


The so-called silicon steel laminations, which is what we usually say electrical steel sheet. Generally, adding a certain amount of silicon to iron can increase the resistivity of the material and significantly improve the magnetic aging. The brittleness of the material increases and the magnetic induction intensity decreases. Therefore, the limit of silicon is 4.5%.


Analyzed on the current application situation, silicon steel laminations are now mainly used in industrial frequency AC electromagnetic devices such as transformers, motors, transformer switches and relay cores. In the process of processing, the hot-rolling and cold-rolling processes are mainly used. Currently, the latter process is more widely used.


In comparison, hot-rolled silicon steel sheet has the characteristics of good material stability, punching shear stress is much lower than cold-rolled sheet, small specific gravity, and large difference between the same. The cold-rolled sheet is a low-silicon, low-carbon alloy that has characteristics of low iron loss, high magnetic induction, smooth surface, uniform thickness, and small difference between the plates.


It can be said that the use of silicon steel sheet to make a motor core means a huge improvement. The loss of this product is very small, which greatly improves the performance of the motor and reduces the size of the motor.


It should be noted that the magnetic induction and loss of silicon steel sheet are very sensitive to mechanical stress. Therefore, how to restore the original magnetic permeability and core loss after stamping is an important issue that should be considered in the selection process. For high-efficiency motors, their performance will be largely influenced by the silicon steel sheet.

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