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Silicon steel stress annealing process
Apr 12, 2018

During the use of the silicon steel sheet, the annealed silicon steel sheet should be effectively loaded into the iron box and the loading rack. Each box of the silicon steel sheet is preferably covered with a cover plate slightly smaller than the iron box and lifted into the furnace cavity. Cover, press tightly, connect the circulating water pipe.

The silicon steel sheet is connected to nitrogen gas, check for leaks, and check the normal supply of circulating water. Close all its valves, install the vacuum tube, open the vacuum pump, open the vacuum valve, vacuum pump to -1MPA, close The needle valve closes the vacuum pump again.

The silicon steel sheet needs to be well connected with the connection of the nitrogen gas tube and the inflation valve. To a certain extent, the inflation valve is opened, nitrogen is effectively injected, and the inflation valve is closed to open the safety valve. Three thermocouples of the instrument are installed on the furnace body.

When the silicon steel sheet is in operation, it is effective to check whether the voltage and current of the electric cabinet and the instrument are normal. It is necessary to set the temperature of the temperature control table to 400° C., and check whether the currents of the power meter are consistent and ensure the adjustment. After the agreement, open the heating switch to heat. At this time, the valve of the circulating water is opened to ensure that there is no clogging to ensure smooth flow of water.

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