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Single Phase EI core Accuracy Guarantee
Apr 04, 2018

The single-phase EI core is very suitable for the stamping of the EI sheet during the operation process. The EI sheet precision punching machine is a tool for mass production of EI. As long as the manufacturer first configures a pair of molds, it can continuously punch out the precision punching sheet. It is fast, accurate, economical, and widely used.

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The single-phase EI core has high manufacturing precision, and its excellent structure design is mainly adopted in the operation process. When it is used, a very advanced and reliable manufacturing method is used to ensure the high static accuracy of the equipment. With the high-speed stability of the precision feeding machine and the machine, high dynamic accuracy of the equipment is ensured.

Single Phase EI Sheet Accuracy Guarantee

1. Crankshafts, worm gears and other key transmission parts adopt precision machining methods and are effectively treated and surface-strengthened to ensure the excellent comprehensive mechanical characteristics and high surface wear resistance of key transmission parts.

2. Fully-enclosed forced lubrication is adopted to ensure that the bed castings and other body components can fully dissipate heat, effectively controlling the thermal deformation of the bed and other body components, and ensuring long-term stability of the entire machine performance.

3. The use of high-performance components such as Japan NSK bearings, its high accuracy, high life characteristics ensure the long-term stability and operability of supporting components.

EI silicon steel core.jpg

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