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Single phase EI core classification and basic performance indicators
Feb 06, 2018

Single phase EI core is a typical sheet of silicon electrician, as the name suggests is silicon up to 0.8% -4.8% silicon electric steel, usually after hot and cold rolled. The general thickness of 1mm, because of its excellent electromagnetic properties, it is an indispensable important magnetic material in the power, telecommunications and instrumentation industries.


In addition to Single phase EI core and EI can be divided into three-phase film, but also can be divided according to the different silicon content can be divided into two kinds of low silicon and high silicon. Silicon with low silicon content of 2.8% or less, it has a certain mechanical strength, mainly for the manufacture of motors, commonly known as motor silicon steel; and high silicon silicon content of 2.8% -4.8%, it has good magnetic, but more brittle, the main For the manufacture of transformer core.


In addition, the Single phase EI core can be divided according to the production and processing technology can be divided into two kinds of hot-rolled and cold-rolled, cold-rolled and can be divided into two kinds of crystal grain orientation. Single-phase cold-rolled EI sheet thickness uniformity, good surface quality, high magnetic, therefore, with the industrial development, hot-rolled sheet has been cold-rolled sheet to replace the trend.

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