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Single-phase EI sheet design requirements and integrated circuits
Feb 12, 2019

There are many methods for classifying integrated circuits of single-phase EI sheet. According to the circuit analog or digital, they can be divided into analog integrated circuits, digital integrated circuits, and mixed-signal integrated circuits (analog and digital on one chip).

Digital integrated circuits can contain anything from thousands to millions of logic gates, flip-flops, multiplexers, and other circuits on a few square millimeters.

The small size of the single-phase EI sheet allows for higher speeds, lower power consumption (see low-power design) and lower manufacturing costs compared to board-level integration. These digital ICs, represented by microprocessors, digital signal processors, and microcontrollers, use binary in their work to process 1 and 0 signals.

Analog integrated circuits for single-phase EI sheet, such as sensors, power control circuits, and op amps, process analog signals.

Complete the functions of amplification, filtering, demodulation, and mixing. By using an analog integrated circuit designed by experts and having good characteristics, the burden on the circuit designer is alleviated, and no matter what is needed, the basic transistor is designed.

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