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Stress annealing process of cold rolled silicon steel sheet
May 03, 2018

First, put the annealed silicon steel sheet into the iron box (according to the size of silicon steel sheet, pay attention to packing the best not more than three layers), loading, covering a box of silicon steel sheet of each box a little less than the iron box cover plate (preferably with silicon steel sheet material), hoist to the furnace and lock the cover.

Two, install three thermocouples of Dahua table on the furnace body, install the chimney, and open the exhaust valve.

Three, check the voltage, current, and instrument of the electric cabinet are normal, put on the record paper of the big Chinese table, check the normal walking paper of the record paper (first open the power switch).

Four. The initial temperature of the temperature control meter is set to 400 C, and the current of the power meter is checked, and the heating switch is opened after the adjustment is ensured.

Five, check whether the meter of the electrical room is normal or not, and adjust the power of the furnace.

Six. Check nitrogen leakage and check the normal supply of circulating water.

Seven, when the temperature rises to 400 degrees, nitrogen nitrogen valve is opened and nitrogen is injected into 100-200ml. At this time, the valve of circulating water is opened.

Eight. When the temperature is raised to 400 C, constant temperature and constant temperature for 1 hours will be determined, and the large scale surface temperature is also around 400 degrees Celsius.

Nine. After the insulation is finished, set the temperature control table to 500 degrees centigrade and carry out heating. Pay attention to the consistency of the ammeter, and deal with the problem in time.

Ten, when the temperature rises to 500 degrees, the temperature will be kept for 45 minutes or so. At this time, whether there is any change in the furnace body, whether there is a leakage phenomenon, and whether the circulating water supply is normal.

Eleven. After the temperature is over, set the temperature control table to 600 C, and then heat it up. The nitrogen pressure regulating valve is enlarged and injected with nitrogen of 200-400 ml, and the exhaust gas is more.

Twelve, when the temperature rises to 600 degrees, the constant temperature is about 45 minutes. At this time, let's see if the voltage is normal.

Thirteen. Finally, the temperature control meter is set to 680 C -750 C (according to the material of silicon steel sheet, the general annealing temperature below B50A600, 50W600, 50AW600 and 50WW540 of cold rolled non oriented silicon steel sheet is around 680 C, the same material can be suitable for +20 C, and the general annealing temperature of non oriented high grade is around 750 C. " The general annealing temperature of cold rolled oriented silicon steel sheet is about 820 C. Nitrogen can be opened up or maintained at 400 ml of nitrogen, and the exhaust gas is more.

Fourteen, the temperature rise to the setting temperature, the constant temperature time should not be less than 2 hours, the Dahua table should also be set at the temperature, at this time the exhaust valve can be shut down.

Fifteen, after the end, the exhaust valve is shut down (not closed), nitrogen is injected into the 100-200ml, the circulating water valve can be closed (the outlet valve is always open), the heating switch, the power switch off.

Sixteen. After inspection, the annealing process of the silicon steel sheet of the furnace enters the state of natural cooling. When the temperature in the furnace falls below 380 degrees C (preferably 350 C), the furnace can be produced.

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