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The application and process points of three phase EI core
Mar 05, 2018

From the current application to analyze, people mainly use three-phase EI core to produce engineering transformers and high-power voltage switching transformers and other components. Currently three-phase EI film has been widely used in household appliances, electrical machinery manufacturing industry. So you know in the actual processing, What are the technical points about the product?

   In general, the production of three-phase EI core should note the following points:

During the time of processing,if it needs to completely eliminate the impact of the previous cold stamping process on the three-phase EI core grain structure, in theory, it needs to be heated to the recrystallization temperature above recrystallization to adjust the grain size and thus improve the mechanical properties.

   During the time of processing, three-phase EI core electromagnetic properties can be improved to some extent, and effectively reduce iron loss parts and increase magnetic flux. In addition, it is necessary to form a Fe3O4 oxide film on the surface. Based on the above requirements, the production process should do the following: Before processing, the surface of the three-phase EI core should be cleaned first to ensure that the oil clean up. It is common practice to heat the part to about 450 ° C in the degreasing section to turn the oil into oil vapor, which helps to completely combust the hydrocarbons in the oil and reduce the pollutant emissions. Pay attention to heating faster to save energy. And annealing furnace has airtight, at the same time it is able to discharge the flue gas furnace in order to achieve energy-saving and low-carbon green effect.

   In addition, the recrystallization annealing process, the three-phase EI core is best carried out in the absence of oxidation of the environment, while the annealing furnace should be sealed, and also the state shold maintain a slight positive pressure. Furnace with a stirring fan, circulating air volume should meet the uniformity requirements of the furnace, so that three-phase EI core can complete the heating process at ± 5 .

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