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The high availability of pvc particles, the value of pvc transparent film is large
Jul 18, 2018

If there is a film that can be used in various fields in the city, then this film is non-pvc, which is a kind of polymeric material with a wide range of uses. As a transparent film of pvc formed of polyvinyl chloride, its value is large. At present, this type of film is used in many places, such as automobile film, cosmetics, light-proof mold, etc., and polyvinyl chloride is not only in the form of a film, it There is also a relatively hard, hard pvc form, which is currently being used in industrial engineering, and an engineering plastics supply includes the supply of such materials. Whichever method illustrates the power of this material.

In the continuous development of pvc film and hard pvc, the market prospect is huge, and the high availability of the particles itself makes many people begin to cut corners of pvc particles, which greatly reduces the quality of such particles. This is a retrogressive significance for the development of plastic itself, manufacturers and related monitoring departments need to prevent such things from happening. In fact, the quality of PVC can be improved in several aspects. For example, the rpm of the pelletizer and the extruder should be coordinated during the production process to ensure that the size of the PVC pellets is uniform, and the pellets should be inspected before each boot. Whether the knife is sharp, the fixing is good, and the angle is not appropriate to avoid bad dicing. When restarting after each shutdown, the PVC pellets coming out in the first five minutes should be reworked. The double-stage machine pays attention to the final glued material at the twin-screw discharge port. These are the ways to ensure that this plastic material is guaranteed.

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