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The magnetic properties of EI silicon steel sheets
May 30, 2018

In the process of operation, the EI silicon steel sheet is mainly used for the treatment of the oxygen converter. When the steel sheet is processed, the steel sheet is vacuum treated. The silicon steel sheet changes the content of silicon and aluminum to a certain extent in accordance with its different purposes and meets the smelting requirements to satisfy the requirements. Different magnetic requirements. The silicon and aluminum content of the high-grade silicon steel sheet increase accordingly. Carbon, sulfur, and inclusions are minimized.


The surface quality, filling factor, magnetism, filling factor and punching property of EI silicon steel sheet are better than those of hot rolled silicon steel sheet. It can be coiled during operation, and can be manufactured by one-step rapid hot rolling at 900°C and hydrogen annealing under helium annealing. The hot-rolled silicon steel sheet has a higher yield and the surface quality and magnetic properties of the finished product are better.


The rolling of EI silicon steel sheets can be effectively divided into two processes of cold rolling and hot rolling to a certain extent. In the course of operation, its traditional process of directly producing silicon steel products using its hot rolling has rarely been adopted. Produced for hot rolling and cold rolling two processes, known as cold rolled silicon steel products. According to different products, the cold rolling process is divided into multi-stand mill rolling and single-stand rolling, in which single-stand rolling mainly produces oriented silicon steel products.

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