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The method of dismantling the iron core of the old motor rotor
Jan 12, 2018

First step heating: There are two ways to heat, 1. On the electric stove put block 4-5mm after the iron plate, motor rotor iron core plane on the direct heating, for electric cattle and other demanding cattle such as choke ring, such as commonly used this method; 2. Direct water boil, to keep the coil can be boiled oil, can be used diesel or marking low oil, oil boil to pay attention to safety!

The second step to remove the motor rotor core of the outermost layer of the first piece I, it is convenient to take out.

The third step takes a length of about 20mm of broken saw blades, the motor rotor core of the first piece close to the edge of a plank, with a hammer hit the saw blade, rushed out the first piece, and then take out the 2nd and 3rd pieces, with an electrician knife piece will separate each piece, until all out, technology better also can not heat, direct #.

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