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The performance and application of EI core
Apr 11, 2018

The EI core is mainly made of silicon steel during the manufacturing process. The gap size of the transformer core can be customized.

EI core performance

1. Raw materials: oriented silicon steel, non-oriented silicon steel.

2. High load capacity and high precision.

3. Good density and hardness.

4. Wear and corrosion resistance.

5. Good lamination performance.

6. High quality and competitive prices.

Application of EI core

1. Home appliances, lighting equipment, electronics and inductors, transformers and inductors, industrial parts, automotive parts, computer parts and other fields.

A large number of EI cores will be used in radar pulse transformers or high-frequency medical X-ray power supply and linear accelerator modulation power supply. Moreover, ultra-thin silicon steel cores will be used in environmentally friendly dust removal and water treatment power supplies. The following words, to a large extent, will also be used in different types of medium and high frequency power supply and high frequency pulse transformers.

The performance characteristics of the EI core are relatively high on the magnetic induction strength, and the core output power is relatively large and the volume is also small. The high-frequency loss of the ultra-thin silicon steel core is very low, the power consumption of the iron core under high frequency is relatively small, and the temperature rise is also very low.

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