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The role of automotive motor core
Jul 30, 2018

The role of the iron core of the automobile motor is as part of the magnetic circuit of the motor and the stator winding is placed. In order to reduce the eddy current and hysteresis loss caused by the alternating magnetic potential in the core, the core material is laminated with a silicon steel sheet of 0.5 mm thickness. The automotive motor core combined with the stator winding and the base constitutes a complete motor stator.

For medium and small motors with an outer diameter of less than 1 m, the steel sheet is a circular punch; when the outer diameter is larger than 1 m, it is rounded with a fan-shaped punch; for motors larger than 10 kW, the two sides of the punch should be coated with insulating paint to reduce Iron core loss. In order to improve the cooling effect between the cores, the medium and large motors have radial ventilation grooves every 40~50mm along the axial direction. The inner circumference of the stator core uniformly punches out a plurality of grids of the same shape for embedding the stator windings.

There are three types of commonly used automotive motor core slots, which are semi-closed slots; semi-open slots and open slots. From the perspective of improving efficiency and power factor, semi-closed slots are best because they can reduce the air gap reluctance and produce The excitation current required for a certain amount of rotating magnetic potential is the least. However, the winding insulation and weaving process are more complicated, so it is only used in low-voltage small and medium asynchronous motors. For medium-sized asynchronous motors up to 500V, semi-open slots are typically used. For high-pressure medium and large asynchronous machines, open slots are generally used to facilitate the welt.

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