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The role of silicon steel transformer core in transformer
Dec 24, 2018

Commonly used transformer cores are made of silicon steel sheets. Silicon steel for silicon steel transformer core is a silicon-containing steel with a silicon content. 0.8%~4.8%. Because silicon steel itself is a magnetic material with strong magnetic permeability, the silicon steel transformer core can generate a large magnetic induction intensity in the energized coil, so that the volume of the transformer can be reduced.

When the transformer is working, the magnetic flux generated by the alternating current in the coil is of course alternating, and the varying magnetic flux generates an induced current in the core of the silicon steel transformer. The induced current generated in the core of the silicon steel transformer circulates in a plane perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic flux. In order to reduce the eddy current loss, the silicon steel transformer core is laminated with silicon steel sheets insulated from each other to make the thirsty flow in the narrow loop, and the smaller cross section of the single column hydraulic machine is used to increase the electric limit on the vortex flow path. At the same time, silicon in silicon steel increases the resistivity of the material and also acts to reduce eddy currents.

Used as a silicon steel transformer core, generally used 0.35 mm thick cold-rolled silicon steel sheet. According to the size of the core required, cut it into a long piece and then overlap it into a "day" or "mouth" shape. This reduces eddy current losses, reduces temperature rise, and saves silicon steel sheet material.

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