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Three-phase EI chip in the field of electrical and home appliances applications
Feb 06, 2018

If the three-phase EI cores in accordance with the use of distinction, the main can be divided into three categories, one is the electrician with hot-rolled three-phase EI sheet to low carbon loss of ferrosilicon soft magnetic alloy as the material, the thickness of the hot rolled Sheet less than 1mm. It can be divided according to its silicon content of low silicon and high silicon two kinds of steel.

The other is electrician cold-rolled three-phase EI core, which is made of silicon steel containing 0.8% -4.8% of silicon as a material, made of cold-rolled. It can be divided into two kinds of non-oriented grain and grain orientation, no matter what kind of, because of its smooth surface, uniform thickness, high stacking factor, punching properties and so on, and than the hot-rolled electrical steel strip Feel high, low iron loss.

Facts have proved that the cold band instead of hot-band manufacturing motor or transformer, the weight and volume can be reduced 0% -25%. If cold-rolled orientation belt, better performance, use it instead of hot-rolled or low-grade cold-rolled strip, can reduce the transformer power consumption of 45% -50%, and the transformer more reliable performance. In general, the grain-oriented non-oriented cold-rolled strip is used as a motor or welding transformer or the like; the grain-oriented cold-rolled strip is used as a core for power transformers, pulse transformers and magnetic amplifiers.

Another is the hot-rolled three-phase EI household appliances, its brand name to JDR said, JDR figures for the iron loss * 100, the number after the horizontal plate thickness (mm) * 100. Compared with the three-phase electrician EI chip, the hot-rolled three-phase electrical home appliances with electromagnetic properties can be slightly lower requirements, generally without the washing process.

Hot-rolled three-phase electrical home appliances EI chip is mainly in a variety of electric fans, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, range hoods and other home appliances differential motor and other internal play a role to ensure that all types of household appliances can maintain normal and stable working condition.

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