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Three phase EI core mold design punching layout
Apr 10, 2018

The three-phase EI core die is a very important part of the high-speed press in the process of designing. The layout not only determines whether it can punch out the punching sheet, but also determines the material utilization and high-speed productivity.

The non-standard three-phase EI core is a non-standard EI core to be punched, and an E film corresponds to an I-piece. The more common layout, the material utilization rate is only 74%. For large-scale production, the material utilization rate is slightly improved. The economic benefits brought by it are significant, so it is necessary to increase the material utilization rate as much as possible.

Careful analysis of EI core drawings, addition and subtraction of the relevant dimensions, and movement of the combined arrangement, staggering the two E-pieces, as shown in the sample layout, the material utilization rate reached 85%. Compared to the two, the material utilization rate increased by 1:20. *2 - 11% of the layout plan and the mold is basically the same in terms of size, shape and number of convex and concave molds, processing difficulty, etc., which means that the development cost of the mold has not increased, but for the hedge plate manufacturer, the economic benefits are The significant increase.

Three-phase EI core in the layout design, but also consider the ease of drawing the film. Imagine that if the speed of 400 shots per minute, four pieces (two pieces of EI pieces) cannot be taken out smoothly, all the pieces that are punched out are scattered pieces and they can't be held by one person. High-speed presses (operating punches, loadings, and punchings all in one package) must therefore allow the punchings to exit smoothly through the hopper.

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